A Letter From our Founder

From before we grew our first hemp crop, we knew we wanted to provide only the best organic hemp in the industry. We took painstaking measures to ensure the quality and consistency of our plants.What we never intended to do, was to create a pet wellness company. Yet, years into hemp production, we realized that the industry doesn’t always take the same exacting measures we do and therefore we weren’t assured that our pets were getting the healthiest products they deserved. From this realization, ANIML Wellness was born.The care that our pets receive is as important as the air we breathe, so we took that drive and commitment, and developed animal treats that not only meet our standards for quality, but that are also delicious and effective. We already knew the incredible health implications and positive impact that hemp and CBD had on our bodies, that is after all why we grew hemp in the first place.Our final step was to formulate treats that both horses and dogs love and are all filled with nothing but goodness. Mission accomplished. We are proud of ANIML Wellness. We hope you will love it as much as we do.

Mark A. Harris